Honey-flavored Ice Cream, Straight from Honeycomb

GRI17, what does this mean for Android lovers?  A secret code name for the up-and-coming Android OS 2.4 known as Ice Cream (or is it Ice Cream Sandwich?).  At least according to our friends at Phandroid, it is.  Updates and code names keep popping up what seems to be every few weeks.  At this rate I'm not sure how programmers can possibly keep up with all the yummy dessert names Android keeps releasing; the latest being Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) for phones and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) for Tablets.  Nevertheless, the latest version rumors for phones are said to have subtle hints of flavor stemming from the things we like best about Honeycomb.  We honestly couldn't expect anything less of Google.

Some of the thoughts and rumors that would be very cool to see are RenderScript for Hardware Accelerated 3D Graphics, possibly for all of the 3D devices being leaked or rumored.  Android Sync is another great feature and Fragments, which is designed for larger screen devices but would be rather nice for phone use.  And with every new version of Android you know they'll manage to blow you away with something completely unexpected.

Android just keeps better and better, and hopefully we'll be able to update you more after the Mobile World Congress on February 14.  It might just be a Happy Valentines Day after all.

Sources: Phandroid, AndroidCommunity

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