Google Listen could be a Big Part of Google Music?


I got sitting here thinking, and thinking. I use Google's Listen product for podcasts, it is in "beta" and works pretty well, you can't really skip ahead and sometimes it gets glitchy from skipping, it doesn't have pictures and little things or chapters like iTunes but it works. I can listen to a full podcast and take it in my pocket with me; just like a Zune or iPhone.

But recently I have been thinking about Google Music and what it all entails, thinking that they may start out by just letting you sync songs to the cloud and then listening back later, then maybe add music labels and make a download area for getting tunes. Recent leaks or reports support my theories: one announcement (very quietly made) shows that you can upgrade your account, shown here.


Interesting, maybe shows that you will be able to put music on the cloud soon. I can see them giving us two gigabytes for free, and then you buy more as needed. How great would it be to have podcasts and music on the cloud, over the air and everywhere you need them to be.

There is also a leaked Google Music app with a synch feature. It is pretty interesting but right now synchs to NOTHING, the feature hasn't been turned on so there is nothing to synch to. Now the reason I think Listen could get integrated is, for one, it is pretty broken software. Sure it works, but it is is broken and it is STILL AROUND! If stuff doesn't really do well Google usually scraps it for something better.

But Listen is still here and gets updated now and again. There was an update over the last few months that fixed bugs and made things easier to use. However, things like Google Wave got shelved. So this must be coming and must be getting better. Podcasts aren't going away, they use RSS technology and they work well, one of the better ways to put new out if you ask me, a good podcast with witty banter.


So for those who don't know, Google Listen is around, for those who DO know, maybe give it some time and we could see it being one of the better apps in the arsenal if they decide to do what I am thinking they should!

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