Gmail Android App has Updating Pains

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A slight upgrade to the Gmail application was announced yesterday. All of us Android lovers have email and I’m sure there are tons of us that use it constantly for communication. Here are the details promised by Google for the latest update:

  • Enable long press to copy text on Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) devices
  • Sync custom label colors
  • Bug fixes

While these minor updates might be useful to  Gingerbread users, there was also a new problem introduced that is making things worse for users on every software version. If you were previously using version 2.2 of the Gmail application (not to be confused with Android OS 2.2 Froyo) and then updated to the latest 2.3.4 version yesterday, you probably had bad experiences with Gmail freezing, crashing, or acting funny. Lots of users complained and Google is aware of this problem. Google pulled the newest update from the Android Market until they can get it fixed.

If you’re always updating your applications as soon as updates are released, you should be safe in this situation. Luckily, users who were already running a 2.3.x version of the Gmail app had no trouble when upgrading to version 2.3.4. The problem only occurred for those who jumped from Gmail version 2.2 to 2.3.4.

If you’re stuck experiencing problems and you’re getting frustrated with Gmail acting up, there might be a temporary fix! While waiting for the team to push out a new update, a Google employee with a forum username of ‘[email protected]’ posted this helpful bit of information:

“As a workaround for those who might be stuck with this crashing version of Gmail, we recommend uninstalling the update (Home > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Gmail > Uninstall updates).”

Source: Android Central