Get Honeycomb on Your Un-Rooted Nook Color- Now with Sound!

nookcolor honeycomb sdk

Warning: Tech Terms Enclosed

XDA forums user Deeper-Blue and a now team of developers, including the people that brought you Cyanogen Mod, have been hard at work to bring Honeycomb (Android 3.0) to your Barnes&Noble Nook Color. An impressive feat considering the Nook was built to be an E-Reader not a tablet.

That being the case in just three days since the XDA post went live the ‘HoneyNook’ Team has been able to give the Nook Color working Graphics acceleration, Accelerometer, Wireless, Touchscreen, Buttons, Sleep/Wakeup stuff, and Sound!

They are still working on DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to handle things like High Quality Videos on YouTube and you cant use many apps yet, including the Barnes&Noble app , but I’m sure it is only a matter of time before that is fixed as well.

Now, for the best part, all of this can be yours without root because it is packaged in a .zip file that you write to a blank SD Card, now, The SD Card must be at least 4GB and you will need to use a program like Win32DiskImager to write the unzipped image to the SD the  but a quick Google search will help you that.  After writing the .zip you just put the SD Card into you Nook, turn it on and voil , Honeycomb.

Now if you would like to check out the thread, or perhaps make your Nook Color a ‘HoneyNook’, head on over to the XDA thread by clicking here.

As always Android Headlines is not responsible for any damage to your devices should they not work after making modifications.

Source: XDA Image: Android and Me