Fuze Meeting App for Android to "Bee" Supercharged for Motorola XOOM


FuzeBox, makers the Fuze Meeting App, is about to bring the business world to its knees. The Fuze Meeting App has been around for Android for a short time now and currently offers a way to take part in their online video conferencing through audio and screen sharing. However starting with the Motorola XOOM Tablet and other Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablets, they will be a forerunner on the mobile enterprise scene.

The Fuze Meeting for Android 3.0 will, as FuzeBox so aptly said on their site, “…Redefine collaboration in step with the 4G technology revolution.”  The Honeycomb app will bring you the ability to:

  • Schedule and Host multi-party video conferences with up to 10 High Definition streams visible to all or select participants
  • Have full presentation capabilities such as iPoint Laser pointer that points where you touch, and pinch to zoom to really bring your presentation into focus
  • Engage in on screen chats and One-Click VoIP between participants and Meeting Directors

The Fuze Meeting App will be a much needed addition to Android’s enterprise arsenal helping help make the tidal wave of Honeycomb Tablets coming to be viewed as a real solution for business and families alike.

FuzeBox is taking their dedication to 4G betterment and Android seriously and now is the time for other major enterprise developers and conferencing companies to step up if they are to challenge Fuze Box’s early lead, because as they said themselves currently, “Fuze Box has the only collaboration software suite capable of flawlessly showcasing the stunning speed and HD capabilities that this next generation of technology will offer.”

What this means is the pressure will really be on the carriers and their ever-evolving 4G networks to provide the reliable, high bandwidth, connections these Next-Generation Apps and data eating monster tabs will need to ensure a great user experience.

If you would like to check out the current version of the FuzeBox Fuze Meeting app it is available on the all-new Android Market.  Simply click here, from your device or your computer!

Source: intomobile, FuzeBox