Full Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK Available NOW!


Google has just unleashed a Honeycomb explosion, making the full Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb) SDK available to developers. The initial release of a full SDK was expected after the release of the Motorola Xoom, but now it's out there, and ready for anyone to have their way with it.

"We are pleased to announce that the full SDK for Android 3.0 is now available to developers. The APIs are final, and you can now develop apps targeting this new platform and publish them to Android Market. The new API level is 11."


More specific details about the SDK release can be found on the Android Developers Blog page, but the key features included in the release are:

  • UI Builder improvements in the ADT Plugin:
    • New Palette with categories and rendering previews
    • More accurate rendering of layouts to more faithfully reflect how the layout will look on devices, including rendering status and title bars to more accurately reflect screen space actually available to applications
    • Selection-sensitive action bars to manipulate View properties.
    • Zoom improvements (fit to view, persistent scale, keyboard access)
    • Improved support for <merge> layouts, as well as layouts with gesture overlays
  • Traceview integration for easier profiling from ADT
  • Tools for using the Renderscript graphics engine: the SDK tools now compiles .rs files into Java Programming Language files and native bytecode

You'll find several downloadable versions of the Android SDK download, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also included are install instructions and some how to info listed as well. I'm guessing that if you're a developer you already know all this great stuff, so good luck and happy Honeycombing. If you are a developer working with the Android 3.0 SDK, drop us a line sometime and let us know what kind of top secret Honeycomb related stuff you're working on. We would appreciate it.

Source: AndroidDevelopersBlog