Excited by Arrival Of Dual Core Phones? NVIDIA Quad Core Calling for Christmas!

NVIDIA announced their quad core Tegra CPU nicknamed "Project Kal-El" at Mobile World Congress. Qualcomm and Texas Instruments have annouced quad core CPUs as well this week, but NVIDIA's chips will be in products this August, while the others aren't expected until 2012. Tablets can expect to have these in them by August, while the smartphones carrying these new superchips will be out around Christmas. They are touting this new CPU as five times faster than the Tegra 2 processor that is available in devices right now.

NVIDIA shared their roadmap looking forward, detailing their plan to release a new chip every year. As you will notice in the chart below, the names will all continue using the "super hero" style of names. According to their plan, in 2014 "Stark" will be available.  Stark will have almost 100x more performance than the Tegra 2 that is out now. Simply incredible if it comes to fruition.

AndroidAndMe was present for the announcement and said that NVIDIA showed live demos off the hardware. They started off by showing a video that was downscaled from a Red digital camera to 1440p that played on a 2560 x 1600 HD monitor. Following that demonstration they showed off game performance from several titles (they were not allowed to say which titles they showed), but they said frame rates went from 20fps to 60fps on the new Kal-El from the Tegra 2.

Here is a video demo from IntoMobile that shows off their reaction and highlights off the announcement.

Can you really believe this sort of performance in a smartphone? Simply incredible what technology can do and how fast it evolves. Anyone going to wait until Christmast now instead of getting a new phone sometime soon?

Sources: AndroidAndMe, IntoMobile

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