Droid Bionic & HTC Merge Get Accessorized @ Best Buy

February 15, 2011 - Written By Scott Beard

If you’re still waiting to know how much dough you’ll have to hand over for a Moto Droid Bionic, or an HTC Merge, sorry to say you’ll be holding on just a bit longer. But on the bright side, thanks to Best Buy Mobile, you can start loading up on all the accessories that your Android heart desires.

Both the Droid Bionic and HTC Merge pages on Best Buy are loaded down with just about any smartphone toys you can think of, from car kits and cases, to bluetooth and headsets. Be sure to hit the links above┬áto head over to the BB Mobile site and browse what’s available now, and stay tuned for pricing and actual release dates, which should be coming soon for each.

Source: Engadget