Crestron Home Automation App Coming to Android

February 13, 2011 - Written By Chris Yackulic

iPhone users have had the privilege of controlling their home systems with their smartphones for some time now. Well, us Android users can now get in on the action too.

The Android Crestron Home Automation app will be released this Spring or early Summer. You can use your smartphone to control everything from lights, sprinklers, security and surveillance systems, and even your home theater. Crestron stresses anything custom remotes can do, this app will do.

The custom-built and programmed home automation remotes can cost thousands, so this is a huge savings for home owner. Not only do you have the pleasure of enjoying your smartphone, you will also have a built-in remote for only the meager cost of the app.

Smartphones are quickly becoming a crucial piece of hardware that we all must own. It seems like every day they are able to do more and more. Who would have thought?

Via: Android Community