Bestbuy Pre-order for ThunderBolt, Maybe? Maybe not…

thunderbolt soon

Here’s an interesting story for you.  I was all excited like a kid on Christmas this morning.  I went to bed knowing the HTC ThunderBolt was going on pre-order and wanted to be at Best Buy as soon as they opened.  The flyer on the website that was well rumored posted about 3:00 A.M. Eastern time.  When I woke up this morning the flyer was still running, so it wasn’t pulled or another bizarre teaser.

I arrive at Best Buy and there was a full line of people ahead of me.  So I waited for about 20 minutes, no problem.  I went through the entire ordeal of  saying I wanted to pre-order, they looked up my info, and things at this point are going great!!  However, the sales associate now tells me that I am not currently eligible for an upgrade.  I have three months to go on my contract.  I said, I know and thought Verizon would have let me upgrade with no question.  He tells me Best Buy does not.  And that I can still get my “gift card” to come back and buy the phone in May.  Unacceptable.

Bottom line is, if you are getting a new contract or are upgrading and have expired your current contract things will be fine.  By all means, go and pre-order this great phone as soon as you can.  If you are a contract bearing person like myself then you just need to wait for Verizon to sell the phone on their release date.  The price of $249.99 was confirmed to me but they still did not know a release date nor data plan pricing.  I believe I could have bought the phone for full price, but with three months to go that’s just silly.  Oh and by the way, Best Buy does NOT allow you to purchase a phone with a one year contract.  They however have a pretty cool concept with a “Buy Back” program.

If you are still interested in checking out the ThunderBolt from Best Buy here is a nice website that they created which shows off some of its great features. Best Buy ThunderBolt

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