AT&T and Open Feint to Bring Exclusive Social Gaming Network

OpenFeint and ATT

Wouldn’t it be nice if we gamers had a place to meet up, talk about, and share in playing some great games?  Well, that is just what AT&T and Open Feint will be bringing to Android users. With AT&T finally bringing some real android power houses like the Motorola Atrix and the Samsung Infuse to their HSPA+ network and big names like EA bringing in some 3D multiplayer goodness it will be nice to have a haven to meet other gamers, and brag about being the best.

And who better for AT&T to look to for help than Open Feint? They currently have over 4,500 games supported for both Android and Apple OS that allow users to post global high scores, friend users who play them same games, and compete against each other, regardless of phone OS. You can play games like Fruit Ninja, Must.Eat.Birds., Speedx 3D, MiniSquadron, Frogger and More!

With this development, AT&T is on the right path to maintain it prominence and compete with Verizon’s rumored cloud based multiplayer gaming coming to its LTE network next year.  The real question is are these innovations going to be enough to pull us true gamers off of our consoles and into our mobile devices?  It’s gonna be tough to do but I’m sure they will at least get a couple of hours a week out of us, or out of me at least.

Source: OpenFeint