AT&T offering Unlimited any Mobile to Mobile Calling

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AT&T will begin to offer an unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling plan starting today.  Why is this so different than what they currently have?  Because you will now be able to call from AT&T’s network to anyone else’s within your normal plan.  That’s right, mobile to ANY mobile calling.

What’s the catch?  No catch really, other than you need to have the unlimited messaging plan.  What will this cost?  Not sure on the actually plan yet, we’ll keep you informed don’t worry.  However the unlimited messaging is currently available for $20 per month for individual plan holders and $30 for FamilyTalk Plans.

The February 10th date is somewhat interesting.  Just for the fact that Verizon’s date for full release of the iPhone is also the same date that this plan for AT&T will go in full effect.  Do you think this is a ploy by AT&T or a rebuttal to offer this type of plan on the same date?  Probably not a coincidence.  Either way when you have devices that are very similar and networks that are arguably equals, what it might come down to is the plans.  Is this a big enough step by AT&T to keep you on board?  Let us know!!

Here’s AT&T’s website for this new plan.  It should be up and running today as well.

Update: This is the link to AT&T’s site for the plan.

Source: BGR