Android Market Gets Cloud-based Website!


Today Google gave a live presentation about their newest Android OS, Honeycomb (Android 3.0). They talked mostly about some of the features Honeycomb had to offer but one of the really cool things that they introduced was the new cloud-based website for the Android Market.

How does the new site being cloud-based benefit you? Well let’s say you want a better way to browse apps; more categories, and more specific ways to search through them. While browsing the website, if you find an app you like you can then click on it and select the device you own (if you own more than one Android gizmo).  Then click install and your app will automatically install to the device you chose.  No wires, no tethers, no synching software needed.

If it’s a paid app, you simply choose the credit card you want to pay with and that’s it. One other thing I noticed is that you also have links at the top of the page to access your Gmail, Calendar, Documents, and more of your Google-based accounts. This site looks simply amazing. Keep in mind however that the site just launched so if you’re having a bit of difficulty logging in, just give it a little time (I haven’t been able to log-in myself yet either).

Let us know in comments what you think of the new Android Market.

Update: The log-in problem has been fixed and the Market is open for business.