Android Ice Cream Release Loses the Sandwich, per Dell Device Leak

It's time for another round of dessert-themed musical chairs, everyone!  Once more, we've got an update on an Android release nickname, and once more, maybe it's correct and maybe it isn't.

As you know, Google gives each release of its Android Operating System a nickname based on a dessert, in alphabetical order of release.  The first released Android OS 1.5 was nicknamed Cupcake, and from then on we had Donut, Eclair, and Froyo.  The current release, OS 2.3, is nicknamed Gingerbread, and the upcoming tablet-optimized OS 3.0 is called Honeycomb.

This little rumor says the next release of the Android OS is back to Ice Cream.  That's Ice Cream, not Ice Cream Sandwich, meaning we're a Sandwich short of an Android Picnic.  If you've been following all the codename speculation, reversals, restatements, and recapitulation, you'll have heard that the next OS update after Honeycomb was going to be Ice Cream, then Ice Cream Sandwich, and now we're back to plain old Ice Cream.  And I haven't even brought up how the release numbers keep changing too.  Google, of course, is saying nothing official, and we have the tea leaves of Eric Schmidt's MWC keynote that was Sandwich-free.

This newest tidbit comes courtesy of a leaked Dell device roadmap.  Did it ever occur to all these Android sites frantically reporting this "news" (which includes us) that some of these manufacturers' documents say these things, not because they actually know anything, but because some underpaid PowerPoint jockey wrote down the first thing they heard? But everyone treats these leaks like Holy Writ, and announces that Google Has Changed Their Codename Again.

Anyway, here is the leaked Dell roadmap itself, courtesy of WP Central, who received it from an anonymous tipster (click for slightly larger image).  The two upcoming Android phones of interest are the Hancock and Millennium, which we discussed earlier today.

The Ice Cream (no Sandwich) detail is on those last two phones on the map.  Both are supposedly launching with Ice Cream, which, last time we we had to come up with a release number for it, was Android OS 3.1.  But that could change.  :)

Source: wpcentral, Android Central

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