Honeycomb Powered Phone, Motorola "BEE" Concept


Google has killed everyone's dream and stated Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb) is only intended for tablets. However, they have stated that many of those features would make it to a phone version of the OS. To go along with the Xoom, Motorola has been rumored to be the manufacturer of the next Google-branded phone in the Nexus line. If you put everything together this concept may have more to it than you think.

I for one would definitely be excited to see the Motorola "Bee" concept come to reality. It would make the most sense that Motorola would have the most insight into the next phone version of the OS so lets keep our fingers crossed on this one until further word. Check out the hardware and tell us what you think in the comment section bellow.



  • 3G+ support
  • 8 MP camera w/ full HD capture capability
  • 5 MP front-facing camera
  • 4.3 inch Super AMOLED multitouch display
  • 1280 — 720 screen resolution
  • 32 / 64 GB internal storage options

Source : Talk Android