Amazon MP3: New and Improved, Now Includes Auto-kill!

February 11, 2011 - Written By Cameron Summerson

If you love Amazon MP3, but hate the fact that it runs in the background all the time, then you’re in luck! Amazon recently updated the app to fix this irritating, battery draining issue; as well as adding a few other enhancements.

Other than the above mentioned feature, you now have the ability to resume downloads as well as search for songs by artist or album in a much more intuitive manner. You can now long press on a song and will be given options for “songs by” or “albums by” so you can easily see all of the music by a particular artist.

While the inclusion of these features will surely be welcomed by many, there is also a very common request that has been ignored in this release — the ability to uninstall the app if it came bundled with your phone. Look at the bright side, though – at least it’s not running all the time so it’s almost not even there.

If you haven’t already, you can grab the update from the Android MarketĀ here.