Aava Meego Medfield Based Phones to Premier at Mobile World Congress 2011


Back in June of 2009 Nokia and Intel announced that they were combining their Moblin and Maemo operating systems to create MeeGo an Open source Linux- based operating system that will power high-end smartphones to compete directly with Android, WindowsPhone7, BlackBerry OS and iPhone OS.

Enter Mobile World Congress 2011 and Aava who has announced that they will be premiering their new second-generation Aave Core Design phones featuring Intel’s Medfield Atom Processors, which is a chipset also very well suited for tablets. Which may be why Aava Said that we souldn’t get caught up in the smartphone shell currently featured.

These phones will not be sold to consumers, rather they are designed for use as a Developer Device and will help showcase their integrated ACPU and modem platform to OEM/ODMs. Full Specs haven’t been released but I’m sure that these devices that will pack a punch and may be the first bit of real competition for our beloved Andy.

Source: SlashGear