µTorrent 3.0 Alpha, Your Android Remote

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For those of you who are fans of Bittorrent and Android, you now have a fun new remote you can use directly from your device called µTorrent 3.0 Alpha.  This remote gives you an option to keep an eye on your downloads wherever you’re at.  Here’s a list of the great features.

Key features:

  • Check the status of a download directly from your Android smartphone
  • Add, pause or remove µTorrent downloads on your computer
  • µTorrent remote registers as a .torrent handler so you can browse and add torrents just as if you were on your PC at home.
  • Start, pause or remove µTorrent downloads in progress on your computer
  • Update and add torrents from RSS subscriptions
  • Transfer, save and play any completed file from your PC right to your device.

This is BitTorrent’s first Android app, and they have said to be working on a full-featured native BitTorrent for Android client.  Give this great app a test drive and let us know what you think.