Will NVIDIA Unleash the Tegra 3 at Mobile World Congress?


Our friends at Androidandme had a really good interview with Michael Rayfield, the GM of  NVIDIA mobile business unit at CES this year.  When they asked him when information on Tegra 3 might surface he had this to say,

“It will be pretty quick.  I believe I will have my next generation Tegra in production probably before my competitors have their dual-core in production.  And so that talks a lot about velocity.”

In another interview I read from Hexus he touched on this subject a little further,

I’m going to come pretty close to my cadence of a launch every year,” said Rayfield. “It will be in production around the same time as my competitors’ first dual-cores will.

What does all of this mean?  Mind boggling speed and capability of new devices to come.  If NVIDIA pushes out this kind of technology this year, they will no doubt leave their competition behind.  The Tegra 2 chip currently is the first of its kind to bring dual core processors to some very popular and high-end devices.  Would this mean some type of quad-core processor?  Possibly, but I wouldn’t go that far just yet.

The Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona, Spain and will run from February 14th through the 17th.  We hopefully will find out more details on this exciting news then.

Sources: androidandme.com, Hexus.net