Want to Make an Android App? Let AppMakr Help

appmakr new platforms AppMakr expands to Android and Windows Phone Allows anyone to make multi platform mobile apps

Ever wanted to make an application, but don’t have the background in programming to know where to start?  Well AppMakr is making it a whole lot easier for Android and Windows Phone 7 (WP7) users.  AppMakr announced at CES 2011 that they will start supporting Android and WP7 operating systems starting February 2011.  They previously only supported Apple’s iOS platform.

This news is great for Android because it allows more than just computer programmers to create apps for the app market.  AppMakr is a do-it-yourself platform that allows users to create applications without using any programming or code.  If you’re like me and have minimal to no experience in computer programming, this is your break!  Over 3500 applications have been created using AppMakr’s platform on iOS, such as Mafia Wars, the Perez Hilton blog, PBS News Hour, and National Geographic.

After trying out the platform for a few minutes, it feels easy to use and can be used to create some great apps, but there are definite limitations to how complex of an application you could create.  Google’s App Inventor, which is now open to the public, may be a different solution for creating apps if you need a different approach.  The App Inventor, however, is for more enthusiastic users with a bit more experience in programming.  AppMakr definitely allows a broader audience to use their platform to create elegant applications.

Currently, iOS is the only platform supported, but you can sign up for the Android and WP7 beta here.  You can also try out their app creator today to see how easy it is to use!  Best of all, there is no charge to upload it to the Android Market, once you create your app!