Verizon sets date with HTC Thunderbolt, February 24th at $249

htc thunderbolt front back 600x411

Looks like we have a date for the release of Verizon’s first 4G LTE device.

According to DroidLife Verizon customers should see the HTC Thunderbolt coming to their network February 24th, with accessories appearing in Best Buy just before (19th). This confirms our previous leaks about the device launching in the last week of February. Insiders have also confirmed prices of $249.99 for a two-year contract, $329.99 for one and $599 full retail.

That’s not all….

It has been clearly identified that the date is 14 days after the iPhone release, which is the number of days required by Verizon customers to return unwanted devices under the new returns policy. Any customers who race to get the iPhone on the 10th, to later discover a new Thunderbolt, capable of data and voice simultaneously over 3G on the 24th, will not be able to change their mind. The capabilities of being able to do date/voice over 3G is huge news and with all the other great features it is set to crush Apples current iPhone.

Source: DroidLife