Updates to the Incredible, X, and DROID 2? Yes!


Worried about the future of the DROID brand on Verizon? Fear not, there are rumors circulating that seem to make a lot of sense, updated models of the Droid Incredible, X, and 2. These are all VERY popular and important models in the DROID line-up and it would be very unwise of the respective manufacturers to exclude these phones in near future plans. And to sweeten the deal even more, there are rumors that one of these devices will potentially be a stock version of whatever Android release they come out with. That's something that would certainly gain a lot of people's attention and money.

What we can expect not to happen though is these phones getting the 4G treatment since there are already 4 major powerhouses coming to Verizon this year. Also, 4G won't be available to everyone until 2013, so there isn't a complete rush to saturate the market just yet.


And based on previous release times, we can hopefully expect the phones as follows:

  • DROID Incredible – April/May
  • DROID X2 – July
  • DROID 3 – August

Definitely keep a look out for these, and we will keep you posted on any announcements.