Trapster Hacked; Password Change Recommended


Trapster users beware. Apparently Trapster's website has been the target of a hack and users' email and passwords have been compromised. Here's the message from Trapster:

Dear Trapster User:


The Trapster team has recently learned that our website has been the
target of a hacking attempt, and it is possible that your email
address and password were compromised. We have taken, and continue to
take, preventative measures to avoid future incidents but we are
recommending that you change your Trapster password. As always,
Trapster recommends that you use distinctive passwords for each site
you visit, but if you use the same password on Trapster that you use
on other services, we recommend that you change your password on those
services as well.

For information on how to reset your password or improve the security of your passwords for your Internet usage, please click FAQs.

The Trapster Team


So, if you happen to be around a computer, you might want to get on and change your password as soon as possible. Hopefully they'll be able to prevent this type of attack from happening in the future.