The Awesomeness of Gingerbread NDK, as told by Google


Many of us are looking forward to getting Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) onto our phones, even those of us touting non-Android devices.  Some of us already have the software via custom ROMs.  Google shows us how their Native Development Kit (NDK) for Gingerbread can be used to develop applications even better than before.

The Android NDK allows users to create applications in native programming code, which allows for a more powerful application.  The new NDK includes support for 3D games and more.

Google touts the awesomeness of this NDK through visual form via graph from Google’s developer blog.

I don’t know about you, but this graph tells me everything I need to know.  Gingerbread is awesome sauce and every app that I create will be that much more awesome, in the words of Google.

This new kit should bring better applications and especially better quality games, which is where Android has been lacking in the past.  This also means you can stop playing Angry Birds for a little while and try another game.

Check out a video walkthrough of the latest Android platform, Android 2.3, courtesy of IntoMobile.