T-Mobile Announces Vibrant Plus With HSPA+

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Have you been holding out on buying a Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile?  Looks like today is your lucky day.  T-Mobile just announced the Vibrant Plus that has HSPA+ with 21+ Mbps download speeds.  This “NEW” phone has a couple of benefits over its namesake.  Samsung has added a front-facing camera with Qik video conferencing and doubleTwist Air Sync for wireless synching of media. The hit movie “Inception” is pre-loaded, oh and did I mention Android 2.2 (Froyo)?  There is no word on pricing yet and we will be sure to get it for you as soon as we hear.

So where does this leave those of us that already own a Vibrant?  Unfortunately feeling left out, angry, and quite frankly scammed. Froyo has been waited on, speculated about, and promised since the Vibrant’s debut.  Many people asked when the Vibrant was announced why it didn’t have HSPA+, or the FFC of some of its Galaxy S brethren.  Many people are not entirely impressed with T-Mobile at this moment and I don’t blame them.  If you have a Vibrant, I want to hear your thoughts below.

source: TmoNews