T-Mobile and LG Announce G-Slate 4G Honeycomb Tablet


Tablets, Tablets, Tablets; that seems to be the name of the game this year at CES.  It seems as if every manufacturer wants to show that they have a tablet on the way and with the previews of Honeycomb Android 3.0 they all look glorious.  The demo of the LG G-Slate appears to be more about the software then the hardware at this point, but if it runs like the video presentation it will be a show stopper.




As this video previews, Honeycomb truly is a completely new iteration of Android and it clearly was designed and perfected on a tablet.

Overview of Honeycomb


The nature of the scrolling widgets in this clip are an extension of the scrolling widgets some have on their phones. This update appears to add an elegant and more appealing UI approach to that same idea, hopefully these updates work their way down to phones as well. Also the change in adding a widget which allows you to see all of your homescreens when selecting widgets is a nice and simple touch.  The overall experience seems more natural than anything out today.


Google Video Chat


Google Talk has now brought Video Chat to Android, a feature that was mentioned as an upcoming addition.

Web Browser Experience



The Browsing experience along with everything else looks greatly improved.  It appears that Google has finally brought over a very chrome like experience to the mobile space besting any of the mobile options today.

Honeycomb and the LG G-Slate are looking to be one killer combination and with T-Mobile 4G, you cant go wrong.