Sony Drops Bomb with Android Playstation Games

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As Mobile World Congress approaches we were all excited about the new Android PlayStation Phone. But rather than just having this single device Sony are promising more.

At a big press conference in Tokyo, Sony have announced exciting plans for the future of PlayStation. The company has unveiled a cross-platform software framework called PlayStation Suite. This is a mobile gaming platform specially designed for Android mobile phones and tablets . Starting with an emulator for existing PSOne titles; Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2, Rally cross, Medievil and Syphon Filter, we are promised an android game store for our Android phones and tablets later this year.

With an official licensing and quality assurance scheme call PlayStation Certified, Sony hopes to attract big game developers to build top titles for the new PlayStation game marketplace.

It looks like you won’t need the most top of the range device with gamepad to get a piece of this action, the PlayStation Suite will emulate touch screen controls so will run smoothly on all of those button-less devices. However we have heard that PlayStation Suite will require android version 2.3 Gingerbread at minimum.

Sony have also already announced that the next generation PlayStation Portable (PSP2) will already be equipped to run games from the PlayStation Suite.

We now wait in suspense for further details on this. A compatible device list? Prices of games? Mobile World Congress next month should be very exciting.

Source: engadget