Samsung: Will Evolution be Fate?

thumb 550 samsung unpacked

Well well well…  Look what Samsung is up to now.  After upsetting a lot of folks with the Android updating issues, Samsung now has a few tricks up their sleeve.  And no I am not talking about David Blaine or any other magician.  On February 13th Samsung will reveal their Evolutionary news.  The Mobile World Congress that is held in Barcelona Spain will be the next major conference that everyone will have their eyes glued to.  And with everyone making a “big announcement” these days I would rest assured that Samsung will announce something big.  This will be the year for all sorts of revolutionary devices, from dual core processors, crazy amounts of RAM, amazing 4G speeds, to possibilities of no glasses 3D screens.  So the questions is which device will Samsung announce?  Stay tuned.  Around this time last year Samsung announced the line of Galaxy S devices, and that turned out to be pretty good news.  I would bet things will just keep getting better.Looking for a new mobile phone?