Rogers Decries Claims Made by Mobilicity

January 10, 2011 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Could Rogers Wireless be feeling a bit threatened by the new player in the wireless realm? Mobilicity has sprung onto the scene and Rogers has been compelled to downplay their claims regarding device and monthly plan costs. The two companies have definitely become contenders in the field of wireless communications. Could Rogers end up paying a $10 million fine after Mobilicity made complaints to the Competition Bureau? Did Rogers get offended by Mobilicity’s ‘Magenta Militia’ advertising unlimited wireless outside Rogers’ Head Office? Check out their march on the Youtube Video below, and see what you think.

Rogers has published data going after Mobilicity’s claims of ‘unlimited wireless’ and ‘no bill surprises’. Take a look at Roger’s breakdown comparing monthly plans with Mobilicity, and Roger’s ‘Reality of Unlimited’ and ‘Reality of No Bill Surprises’. In a nutshell, Rogers appears to have debunked all of Mobilicity’s claims.

Via: MobileSyrup