REVIEW: The Motorola Roadster Bluetooth Car Speaker

January 30, 2011 - Written By Mike Corbett


A bluetooth speaker for your car? Yeah that is what this is and it rocks!

It is a really nice product, it is loud and clips onto the visor of my car quiet easily. It also will clip to your belt or pocket which is what I did a few times to listen to podcasts and music on the go around my place of work.


It is slick and smooth. It has a big screen over the speaker that looks really nice. The clip on the back looks really nice.


It has a clip on back and a loud-speaker that is LOUD.


It seems to have a nice battery, it has lasted as long as I needed it to every time I used it.

Call Quality

I used this in my car and on my belt a few times and it works out really nice. It is loud and clear and people can hear me.


  • It is sleek and slim
  • It is loud
  • It works with moto devices


  • I would have liked to see an interface of some sort

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

I liked that it was such a nice device, I like how loud it was and I liked that it uses new motospeak technology

You can view a site about it here