REVIEW: Motorola Citrus. Let's Not Get Juice In Your Eye



Another Motorola phone? Nope. So far this phone has surprised a bit and taken the eye of a friend who is an iPhone user, avid actually. Read why soon.



It is small. It fits right in the palm of your hand, really easily. This device is almost too small but is just under that mark. It has a trackpad on the back as well and that means you don't have to waste screen space by placing fingers on it. I believe it is the second device to do that, the other was the moto charm.



The processor is a bit slower on this device than many, but I haven't noticed incredible slow down, it is a 528 MHz processor. The phone is good and capable of many things.


I mentioned that the screen is smaller, it has 240 x 320 pixels and is 3 inches across. It is Capacitive and multi-touch, plus like I mentioned before, the backtrack pad is nice to give room on that screen.



The battery is a 1150 mAh, so also smaller but they pack a lot in, it is billed to last at 6.33 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby. Not a bad thing! It has given me plenty of time between talk and text as well as chatting with friends.

Operating System


We are upgraded to 2.1 update 1 on this one! That is right, it is running moto blur and is up to the same software as the moto cliq, that sounds like I am mocking it, I am not, I think update 2.1 saved the cliq and is doing good things for the citrus. It makes this phone very easy to use and awesome.


We get blur like I just mentioned, not everyone's favorite but it is great for social integration. Want to know what your friends are doing, well that is easy now. The update to 2.1 and the latest blur makes this a great phone for having around. It is fast and pretty simple.



There is no hard keyboard, this phone is round and easy to use. You get a choice between the multi-touch android keyboard (similar to what the droid x offers) and swype, which is a favorite amongst many. I personally use Swype because I like it, it is fast and easy to use, it gets me in and out of texts quickly.

Web Browsing,  Camera and Video


The browser is nice, the camera is awesome and video is sweet. The 3 mp camera is nice, and it takes good pictures. The video is nice as well. This is a nice device and it gets better with the camera etc.

Call Quality

On the Verizon network, this device gets clear calls and a good 3g signal. The calls are nice and you can hear them through the speaker, it seems a little quiet, but they are indeed clear.



  • It is small and fits right in your hand
  • The headphone jack is also flush
  • Good Camera 3mp
  • Android 2.1 Gives this phone a nice touch
  • Swype Pre Installed
  • Adobe Flash Installed


  • It reminds me of the Motorola Cliq
  • The Keyboard is a bit small and sometimes goes into the text field

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

The Motorola Citrus is a nice device, it is a small device and is fast despite what it seems. The blur makes it fast and light. The camera seems to have a bigger lens so it takes clearer pictures. It fits nicely in your hand and is pretty light weight. I recommend this to people who need a phone that is light and easy to use

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