NVIDIA "Tegra 2 3D" expected to arrive for handsets this spring

Tegra 2 3D

NVIDIA played a huge role in this year's CES in the mobile zone. They are expected to include their dual-core Tegra 2 processors for the upcoming smartphones. If it is true, then it is going to change the processing market for the mobile devices. But, now they are planning to release "Tegra 2 3D" chip which is supposed to start shipping this spring.

The details of "Tegra 2 3D" chip is that it will be clocked at 1.2 GHz which is, in accordance, to a leaked slide meant for the Mobile World Congress presentation. The chip is also based on Dual Cortex A9. The slide also gives out details about NVIDIA starting production by this quarter to get the units ready for  the devices in the spring this year.

This seems to be a bold move by and for the company to understand that the consumers and world are shifting towards 3D technology. It was said that the chip is powerful enough to power a Master Image TN-LCD display using cell parallax which enables the devices to create a 3D effect which is similar to Nintendo's 3DS.

From  al this, it seems that second half of this year is going to be quite impressive and attractive for consumers.

Source: SlashGear