Notion Ink: Adam Delayed by FCC, CE Paperwork


Notion Ink has already sold some of their devices in various territories and countries. Some of those devices have even been delivered according to their blog. HOWEVER, it now seems that the FCC is stopping some sales for now, they have to get through a few more hoops and get past a few more walls now. Check out this email.

Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!


This e-mail is to inform you that your shipment is ready, but we are awaiting final FCC and CE numbers which are to be printed on the device before we can ship them to you. The Holiday season in December pushed the administrative work and it will be cleared within this week.

We request your kind patience and cooperation till we inform you of your shipment.

As you may already know, the Notion Ink Adam was recently demonstrated to a lot of people at CES 2011, and the Adam was appreciated greatly and loved by everyone.


We really appreciate your continued support and effort that you have infused into creating the Notion Ink Community.

Warm Regards



Notion Ink Support Team

So that is a bit concerning, doubtful of fakes now, but it seems that Notion Ink is still young and is likely going to keep making minor mistakes for a while, sadly. What I have next is a quote from Notion Ink's blog.

Adam has already reached some of its owners. While our friends in US and Europe might have to wait bit more since we are awaiting CE and FCC approvals (passed all the tests), I thought I should give more details on Adam.


They follow up with how good the camera is to make things a bit better. Doesn't make things better if you ask me. They go on to say….

FCC and CE. Though for a company doing business IN the respective countries can't sell product without these certifications, global business does not have any such restrictions, and over all these contradiction makes things confusing. For example, as a customer you can buy a product without these certifications online. We will opt for the safer side and wait for the final confirmation and then ship it to you (little more patience please).
At CES we all learnt about Honeycomb. At Notion Ink we were aware of this project and could guess what modules were being improved, and made Eden so things are compatible. As such there are no official (as per our record and few online sources) there are no hardware restrictions, and when Honeycomb is available, we will send updates as soon as possible.

So no minimum restrictions on Honeycomb is good, again it is confirmed. However, this is irritating that it is delayed and didn't really get talked about at CES, pretty sure I heard it was supposed to be mentioned a bit and all I saw was a bit from Engadget and a bit from Slashgear. No carrier info, no other info, just FCC problems. I am starting to think that since there are other tablet fish in the Android sea, I am going to shop around.


Thanks to Engadget for this image.

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