Notion Ink’s Screen Isn’t As Spectacular as Once Thought

January 18, 2011 - Written By Mike Corbett

Seems that many people are mad at Notion Ink lately, pre orders and ruined promises and confusion. The screen is now something that is being examined! But it appears that after a lot of searching and some people talking to the CEO and others in the company they have pulled out some dispelled rumors!

“A super-strong skeleton inside the matte, scratch-resistant skin -the Adam is great to have, and even better to hold. At Notion Ink, we hate fingerprints on our devices and love all things light, durable and useable. And so, all the Adam’s screen surfaces are made of pure matte glass that softens reflections under the brightest of lights, and prevents fingerprints.” Notion Ink “Design” description

From what I can tell, the screen is better on the more expensive versions. The matte glass that is nicer is on the qi screen I think. So I am not sure what to think now.

Update: Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravran has told us the following:

“Adam comes with 2 layers of Matte Surfaces, one on the PQ LCD screen, other through the Matte Screen protector on the outside Glass. Inside layer cuts the gloss on the LCD layer and colors are not washed out. For the outside glass we are using specially designed matte covers which users at their end can decide to use or not. It is finger stain resistant (oil component) and has same matte properties as on the LCD. The glass in itself is further scratch resistant.”

It seems the glass on the pixel Qi and LCD screens are both matte. The layer on top of them is already low gloss and when you add a matte finish it is awesome! So over all it is scratch resistant and smooth too, VERY AWESOME. I guess these words are from the man himself, the CEO and we will have to see it first hand on all devices. Videos should start appearing somewhat soon. I hope that is the case.


We at will let you decide what is up. We are not sure what to believe as we haven’t seen a device YET.

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