News on Sprints Feb 7th. "Big Announcement"

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The hype on Sprint right now is big.  I hope we don’t set ourselves up for disappointment, but it’s getting serious.  Here is the latest rumor swirling for their “Big Announcement” on February 7th.  There are talks of a device being between the size of an Evo and a Galaxy Tab.  Whether it’s a dual screen tablet or a phone that has a hinge-like second screen.

It is almost a certainty that it will be an Android device, we’re just not sure which one.  HTC has been working on 3D capabilities, but so has a lot of other big players.  Sharp has been busy on their 3D Galapagos 003SH and 005SH devices which are a glasses free 3D screen, but if the rumor holds true about the second screen then these Sharp models can be ruled out.  LG also has a 3D device rumored for the 7th which AndroidHeadlines.com reported recently.  Whatever it is, it will definitely be bigger than the 4G iPhone.  And since Verizon had issues with the timeline of getting the iPhone changed over to LTE, then that would almost guarantee that Sprint would have the same issue.   Almost.

Here’s something else to think about.  With all the 3D hype this year, there have been a lot of mixed feelings of the 3D technology so far.  Do we really want 3D phones or tablets?

We want to hear from you.  Which device do you think it will be?  Do you really want or need a 3D device?  Or will you just have to have it because it’s the latest greatest?

Image source: androidcommunity.com