New Music App Leaked, Is It THE GOOGLE MUSIC App?

January 10, 2011 - Written By Mike Corbett

I have the new music app, it is available it is on XDA if you want to try it, warning it is kind of… nay very buggy. Check this picture out.

That is supposed to have a number of bands in there. But it does not. Hence the bugginess, it is cool though, but check this screen out.

As you can see there is a screen to start and stop and then there are logs and preferences and what not as well. Also, when using it, it asks if I want it to have permissions to access Google, it then adds a part to my accounts folder that syncs with Google. Now this is a beta, or even alpha app, but it is out there and sort of working.

With all that, think of this, could we be seeing Google Music come with Google Plus 1? I think that would be awesome! Figured I would let everyone know. It really is an awesome thing here. Good tool.

Here is the video they shared showing how it works.