Motorola Atrix February 13th? Xoom 17th? Lots of Questions

motorola atrix 1

We recently reported that the Motorola Xoom could be released at Best Buy on February 17th.  Could be really great news.  Could be, if rumors hold true.  However if rumors also hold true, the Motorola Atrix 4G could be released at Best Buy on February 13th.  Well around the 13th.  This stems from information leaked  from the forums at AndroidCentral from a Best Buy employee.

Well little did we know CEO Sanjay Jha of Motorola just announced over the earnings call for the company that the Atrix for AT&T and Xoom for Verizon will arrive at “the end of February,” also went on to say that the  LTE version of the Droid Bionic and 4G Xoom will arrive at “the end of the second quarter” as previously promised.  That being said, would it be so terrible for the CEO of Motorola to give a “estimated” timeline?

The reason why I question his “the end of February” quote is because all of the Best Buy rumors, leaks, pics, and the really good educated guesses that most of the time hold true when it comes to technology.  When us geeks want to know something we usually find a way to get it?  Am I right??

With all of this being said I have more questions.  What I’m questioning is, will there really be two different versions of the Xoom?  Or will the Xoom be released as 3G and be upgradeable to 4G say around March?  Another reason for that question is because of the picture here.

Let’s throw the Thunderbolt into the mix.  If you notice in this picture above, it says the HTC Thunderbolt will not support Mobile Hotspot at launch.  We do know for sure that the HTC Thunderbolt is not shipping as two different devices and is 3G/4G ready.  So if this device will not have hotspot due to say, lack of 4G presence why can’t the Xoom be 3G/4G ready and also have 4G being enabled in March??  LTE is however, up and running.  Could there be a difference between 4G devices and 4G USB modems?  Are Modems currently ready but devices not?  Could this be due to a data price point needing to be finalized for LTE phones?  Questions, questions, questions….

This is all starting to sound like a crazy conspiracy.  Maybe I’m just reading too much into everything.  Verizon said March and Motorola said end of February.  Maybe I’ll just give in and believe what they say.  Or could we see all of our favorite devices starting to launch mid February?  We will certainly find out, by searching the web all hours of the night until we find out exactly what we’re looking for.  That’s why you should come back to our site for the latest news.

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