Motorola and Android in 2010: A Wealthy Union.


Motorola Droid 2

Motorola Mobility have totted up $80Million (~£50.5Million) in their 2010 fourth quarter. This has been thanks predominantly to their booming sales rates in Android Smartphones. The company shipped approximately 5 million Android units in this quarter.

Their sales are predicted to rise even further due to some fantastic new devices set for release in the near future. These devices (such as the Xoom) caught the eye of the world at this years CES. Motorola were among the most brilliant in exhibiting new and innovative devices. Android and Tablet fan’s have responded to the Xoom with widespread enthusiasm, one of the many reasons Motorola’s predictions have soared for 2011…

However, AT&T’s recent loss as the exclusive carrier for the iPhone is predicted to also cause a boom in sales for Apple and Verizon. How will products such as the Xoom and upcoming HTC units that await official release do alongside Apple? We shall have to wait and see.