Major Update Available for RealPlayer Beta!


After listening to recommendations from Android users, RealPlayer has given their Beta app a major update. RealPlayer offers an alternative to the stock Music player and also includes your videos and photos. As listed on their blog, RealPlayer has updated:

  • A redesigned home screen
  • A widget allowing playback from the home screen
  • Enhanced graphics
  • A feature for videos and song removal
  • An improved way to select directories for music, videos and photos
  • Landscape mode for music playback
  • Music playback by directory folder
  • A quick way to hide video status bar
  • A selection for video aspect ratio
  • Removal of the roulette wheel
  • Support for music playlists playback

Their blog also states that they have a great engineering team that put together the app and are constantly listening to feedback from customers. The updated app is available in the Android Market or just scan the barcode!