Leak: Release Dates for the LG Slate, Streak 7 and Vibrant 4G


After some weeks of speculation (yeah, we Android enthusiasts are always expectant to new products… obsessively expectant…). T-Mo News brings some new info on the official release dates of three of the new T-Mobile Android products for this year (let's not forget about the Motorola Cliq2).

A new leak has revealed the launch dates for T-Mobile's new Android-powered tablets the Dell Streak 7 and the LG G Slate, as well as the launch date for the revisited Samsung Vibrant, which goes by the name of Vibrant 4G.

The Dell Streak 7 will be dropping as soon as next week, specifically on February 2, followed by the Vibrant 4G on February 23, and then the LG G Slate on March 23.
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Source: TmoNews