HTC Merge, Howard Sterns Next Phone from Verizon?

htc merge alltel1 600x450

Oh wait, I remember The HTC Merge!!  It’s all coming back to me now.  This is the phone that briefly appeared on Verizon’s website in November and was pulled off almost instantaneously.  There were many leaked specs, dates, user guides, and the 360 degree view of this gorgeous device that was all over the internet.  There once was hope that this device and the HTC Thunderbolt would have both been released around the same time.  Then we found out that the Thunderbolt was pushed to sometime this year.  So where did the HTC Merge go to?

Well recently we have seen rumors that this device will be released on Alltel’s network.  These rumors are true.  However, I was able to pry some valuable information from a “Verizon Insider” that you might find to be very interesting.  @black_man_x on twitter is an excellent source of information.  Some might call him “he who knows all” about upcoming devices.  So I asked if he could share any news with me on the HTC Merge and this is what he had to say, “Our device was scrapped as it would have not got the hype with 4g launch.  Alltel is getting it and we will at later date.”  He also went on to say that “LTE device with keyboard is different.”  There you have it, directly from the mouth of the Panda.

You may have also seen other sites reporting on Howard Stern considering switching to Android OS.  In which a caller called in to the show and told him if he is switching over from BlackBerry, that he should wait for the HTC Merge to come out.  This caller was supposedly a Verizon tester or possibly another insider of some sort.

If you do the math everything seems to add up.  So when can we expect the Merge to be released on Verizon’s network?  I wish I could tell you.  I personally believe soon, but as usual stay here to find out.

This is the clip from Howard Stern’s show talking about the switch to Android.  As you know, this clip is for mature audiences only.