Honeycomb is Tablet only, According to Google

January 22, 2011 - Written By Joe Merritt

So, word from Dave Burke, Director of Engineering of Android, is that, as of now, Android 3.0 is for tablets only. This is most likely due in part to the different screen sizes and how Google is anticipating consumers will utilize their tablet. Tablets have been more looked at a media consumption device compared with that of a communication device, which smartphones are.

But in the future, Google may look to unify the numbers (2.x and 3.x which are for phones and tablets, respectively) probably to make things a lot simpler for manufacturers and consumers. Burke also said, “We wanted to make the whole UI better – it shouldn’t be necessary to customize the texting widget with the Honeycomb UI.” We’re hoping manufacturers will take this to heart and stop preloading all of their phones with their custom UIs which in the end, don’t really help consumers.