Good News for Samsung Continuum owners on Verizon! – OTA Update!

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Samsung Continuum

Yesterday, Verizon sent out an over-the-air update to all Samsung Continuum owners on their network. Amongst other things, V-CAST integration will come with the update. Which should allow easier purchasing on the Verizon store, all through your phone.

Updates/Changes include:

  • Several improvements to Voicemail functionality.
  • Fixed Camera/Messenger Bug
  • A whole bunch of messaging updates!
  • Email features updated
  • A few Facebook features updated.
  • Some ‘No Service’ bugs fixed.
  • Improved Bluetooth voice-dialling response times.

To install this update on your Continuum. Just go to Menu > Settings > About Phone > System updates, and give ‘Check New’ a tap. Just follow the prompts, altogether this should take around 10 minutes.