Froyo for Fascinate, Continuum on January 10th,18th?

January 6, 2011 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Everyone with a Samsung Galaxy S phone on Verizon has been on the Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) rollercoaster ride lately.  Froyo is coming, Froyo isn’t coming, and there have even been rumors of no Froyo at all. Will these phones be stuck with Android 2.1 forever?

Well, with no scheduled maintenance updates in sight, these spy shots obtained by our friends over at AndroidCentral are showing that something is definitely coming your way.  The picture is showing an update for the Fascinate on January 10th and for the Continuum on January 18th.

The Samsung Fascinate is the top of the line Galaxy S phone in Verizon’s lineup, and the Continuum is a Verizon exclusive with both a main screen and a smaller ticker display.  The Froyo update has been delayed a few times already, but Samsung has said via Twitter that they are hard at work on the upgrade.   Now is it the Froyo goodness that everyone has been waiting for?

Time will tell but everyone out there with Samsung Fascinate or Continuum, mark your calendars.  The Galaxy S faithful are all waiting to be the first with Froyo, here’s hoping this is the first spoonful!