Forget the Apple Store, HTC Store Now Open

htc store

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC set out to increase their presence in the local market as they opened the first of three flagship stores in Taiwan. This will be the benchmark and model store for HTC to promote its branded products over Asian Pacific markets. With the flagship trio being the starting point, HTC then plans to cooperate with channel operators so they can build a chain of more than 100 exclusive retail shops. It may be tricky, but as long as HTC get the layout, design and technical support right, they will steal the customers away from queues in competitor’s stores.

Yes, Apple. They should give themselves a pat on the back for starting a trend for HTC to adopt; however going on the successes they’ve already had in 2010 with Android, HTC knows how to make it work.

HTC devices have evolved over the years and they seem to keep getting better. With the opening of a storefront with demos and devices that can be sold unlocked and across various carriers, this  would do wonders for HTC, Google and Microsoft.

Studies show that people are more likely to buy anything if they can see it, touch it, use it and witness its capabilities in the flesh. With these studies, the sensible move for HTC is to open physical stores.

HTC’s retail plans appear to be exclusive to Taiwan, but could expand to other Asian countries.  HTC’s Peter Chou declared “Our team has set a goal of making 2011 the year of Asia for HTC.” HTC has had great success in Europe and the U.S., however their growth in the Asian market has been extremely slow. HTC is hoping that a strong retail push will help them gain some traction.

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