Concept Android "Flip" Phone featuring 3 Flexible Super AMOLED Displays

If this could be the future design of smartphones, we have some amazing things coming our way. While this device is only a concept, our emerging technologies will no doubt make what is seen here a reality within no time. Designed by Kristian Ulrich Larsen, the Android concept phone, pushes the boundaries of what we currently hold in our hands and pockets.

We are jumping from one basic screen to THREE flexible super AMOLED touchscreens protected by Gorilla Glass, with a keyboard on the backside of one. It's pretty hard to describe the device, having never seen anything like it before. The "Flip" phone can be transformed into a triangular shape held together with steel mesh hinges and is envisioned with a custom version of Android OS. It feels like a glimpse into the future, not much else you can say about it. You can check out the concept promo video below, which is very nicely done itself, followed by plenty of pics in the gallery.


Source: YankoDesign

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