Come Join a Purely Android Social Network; EverBadge

January 31, 2011 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Are you an Android user or developer and crave to meet like-minded people? You are gonna want to join EverBadge, the growing mobile social network that’s all things Android. I’m gonna head over myself to check it out. Once signed up you will have countless badges, wallpapers, games, apps, and some really cool Android lovers to chat with or follow. EverBadge promotes a free, easy habitat for developers to showcase their newly developed apps.

Similar to Facebook, the site allows you to create your profile, upload your picture or just use one of their free Avatars. So far it boasts over 97,000 members, and 9,000+ gaming wallpapers for your device. You can sign up free for EverBadge, or get the free app in the Android Market. You can use the QR Code below to install the app to your phone. With this app you can keep track of friends, chats, news, reviews, forums, followers, wallpapers, and much more. Be sure to leave some comments to let EverBadge know how much you enjoy their app.

Via: Talk Android