AT&T and Verizon, This will be the Year of Competition


As everyone is counting down to the day of the iPhone on Verizon’s Network, AT&T seemed as if they were trying to stay afloat and were wondering what to do next.  On the contrary, AT&T previously delivered a nice jab at Verizon when they announced at CES that they will be releasing 12 new Android phones throughout the year. That’s a lot of Android goodness.  Then recently we heard AT&T surpasses Verizon to become the largest carrier in the U.S.  That’s kind of a big deal.  When AT&T released their Q4 earnings for 2010, they listed 95.5 million subscribers .  Verizon only showing 94.1 million.

So what does the iPhone add to the mix? More than anyone might think.  There will be people leaving AT&T, jumping to Verizon, and the iPhone will sell like hotcakes.  However, with AT&T’s 12 Android phone addition, that might regulate the count a little.  The only thing that will really make a difference is exclusivity.  There always will be devices that every carrier will get.  Same phone but different branding.

So as the year goes on, ask yourself this.  Which new device that has dual or quad-core, with the most memory, best graphics, most battery life, being the latest greatest and has an exclusive one up on the largest carrier bring you?  AT&T and Verizon are both going to step it up this year so choose carefully.

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