Android Apps Running on RIM’s Playbook, New BlackBerrys?

January 27, 2011 - Written By Geo Acosta

In a surprising turn of events, the folks at BGR have confidential information regarding the huge headline of this article: New RIM products might be able to run Android apps.

According to their source, RIM’s looking to put on a Java virtual machine on their new devices (the Playbook tablet included), but they have yet to decide which one they are going to use. Rumors are they are considering Dalvik Virtual Machine. If you are a rooted user you might have heard/read the word Dalvik somewhere around. Dalvik VM is the Java Virtual Machine used on Android OS. If this rumor turns out to be true RIM’s new devices might be able to run applications built for Android.

There a few different approaches to this news. The first one involves an agreement between Google and RIM, which would allow RIM to use the Android Market, and other Android apps like Google’s Gmail and Maps. The other approach is of RIM using the open source Dalvik VM and leaving Google out of the equation (which makes perfect sense for such a huge company.)

Will this year mark RIM’s comeback, after losing a huge market share to Android in 2010?

(via BGR)