A Glasses-Free 3D Android Phone from Sprint & LG in February?

This piece of very interesting news is still a rumor; though from a very credible source.  With that out-of-the-way, could you imagine having a 3D phone in the palm of your hand?  LG recently released their glasses-free 3D display and a source has recently revealed to intomobile information about his hands on with the device.  This comes along with the announcement from Sprint that they will be showcasing an industry first at their February event in which Magic Man David Blane is being featured.

While we don't know for sure that this is related to what Sprint meant by industry first, but it would definitely be an industry advancement.  The phone has a 4.3" display just like the one LG displayed at the 3D presentation during CES. Along with that there is a front facing camera, other details have been hard to come by at this time.

During his time with the device the source stated the phone clearly had the four Android buttons along bottom. Although the device was not labeled or branded at the time, he was told the manufacturer after his hands on.  The UI shown on the device is similar to what we have in the stock Android app launcher but, with "'steps' to a more 3D look and feel".  He did mention that it was kind of cheesy, but that he could appreciate the aesthetics behind it.

Amazingly the device also had the ability to record 3D video with two different cameras located on the rear.  It also featured a large flash which seemed to be an actual Xenon flash rather than LED.  LG has used Xenon flash in a phone before, but that was ages ago and it would be a nice addition.

LG is taking the correct approach with the UI on the device and instead of making their current UI look 3D, they are actually designing a 3D UI. As with other 3D displays you must be at the proper angles to truly get the effect and the source stated, "the vertical lines become pronounced and have potential to  ruin the effect at certain angles."

I hope Sprint does try an attempt at this at their upcoming event, because whether successful or not it will drive advancement in the right direction.  Sprint could introduce something entirely different at their even, but in any case 3D is coming to the mobile area. LG already has the technology and seems to be putting the necessary pieces together for a successful product.

Source: Intomobile

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